Bit About Humor

Do you love a story with humorous twist or a funny ending? Do you enjoy sharing a clever story or subtle joke with someone else? Then you share my passion for humor.

While comedy is deliberately constructed to have a “set up and punch” delivery intended to elicit laughter, humor is often more subtle and the entertainment is in the word play, situation, or the way a story is told. Look for an unexpected twists or exaggeration as you read.

Besides just being fun, humor can also be an effective way to present social commentary or make a serious point, but to take the “edge” off so that it is more entertaining to read. Look for a hidden agenda behind humor, especially in satire.

I hope you will enjoy reading my articles as much as I enjoy writing them for you. Laughter is a gift meant to be shared. Sharing my sense of humor is my passion and my pleasure.

Sheila  Moss
The Tennessee Firefly