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Ode to Coffee Mugs

I like my coffee in a mug. Coffee demands a large cup that you can hold with more than one finger. That being said, I seem to have overdone a good thing. While cleaning the kitchen, I realized that I … Continue reading

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Your So-called Vacation

EMAIL From: Dixie DogTO: DaddySUBJECT: Your so-called vacation I hope you are having a good time on your vacation without me. I’m here at home right where you left me, all alone with nobody to take me for a walk. … Continue reading

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Domestic Diva vs. Grumpy Granny

DOMESTIC DIVA: There is nothing like a homemade Thanksgiving meal to celebrate the holiday and show your family how much you care. GRUMPY GRANNY: There is nothing like calling all your friends and relatives to try to wrangle an invitation … Continue reading

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Goodbye to Leaf Peeping

I didn’t set off any more car alarms as I had previously when waiting for the others to hike, but I did get in the wrong car. I ran out in the rain opened the door to a car of … Continue reading

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Test-Tube Lobsters

While not especially humorous, the lobster industry was an interesting aspect of a trip to Maine and I want to share it with readers. I found out more than I ever wanted to know about lobsters in Maine. They are … Continue reading

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Land of Lobsters and Lighthouses

In Tennessee the leaves of late fall are turning deep gold and red in their last hurrah before giving up to the wind. Fall comes later in the South than in the North. Today I have another column in the … Continue reading

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Covered Bridges

What’s a trip to New England without covered bridges? I love covered bridges, so, of course, it was mandated that we look for bridges. We didn’t have to look far as there were two right in the area where we … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Autumn

I was packed and ready to go at 5 o’clock in the morning. I didn’t think there would be many people flying at 5 o’clock on Sunday morning. Wrong. The place was packed. Going through airport security, I had my … Continue reading

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Older than Dirt

I’ve not checked the mirror, (We are not on speaking terms.) but I’m beginning to suspect that I’m getting old: HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN YOU ARE OLDER THAN DIRT?*You can’t figure out the remote control or the automatic coffeemaker.*You … Continue reading

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