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My Cat Can Fly

Less you be confused, my cat cannot fly like a bird. Misty flies more like Superman, minus the cape, that is, leaping tall buildings in a single bound. All cats can jump, of course, but Misty seems to have extraordinary … Continue reading

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Nature’s Bounty

“Can I have any apples off your tree that you are not going to use?” asked the neighbor. “Sure, you can have them all.” I have an old apple tree in my yard. When I planted it, I didn’t know … Continue reading

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The Heaven Eye

I didn’t like it. I ordered it over the internet and when it finally came, I didn’t like it. I had found necklaces with a pendant called a “Heaven Eye.” They were Oriental and took their unusual name from the … Continue reading

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The Great Drapery Hanging

I’ve had a drapery hanging ordeal at my house this week. You see, I have these wonderful draperies that are loosely woven. They have a separate lining that can be drawn to let the light though in day or can … Continue reading

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Progress Comes to Town

My one-horse hometown finally got too big for its britches and started to grow. They’ve been working on the new shopping center over by the Interstate for some time. I didn’t really pay much attention. After all, there seems to … Continue reading

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Learning to Drive

At the age of sixteen one of the most important things in life was learning to drive. My early driving experience was in an old 50’s Chevrolet that belonged to my family. It was black and looked a lot like … Continue reading

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Water, Water Everywhere

With Hurricane Dorian bearing down on the East Coast and perhaps staying out to sea instead of hitting land, I was reminded of this experience a few years ago. Bad as it was, this current storm could be worse — … Continue reading

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