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You Know It’s Spring When…

The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, could it be Spring? Spring, that glorious time when we put the cold and chills of winter behind us and celebrate the beginning of a new season. We feel a surge of … Continue reading

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Dear IRS

I have received your letter regarding my 1040 Federal individual income tax return. When I went to the mailbox, it was right there among all the bills in a plain white envelope – plain except for three little words in … Continue reading

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The Escape Artist

This has been a bad pet week, to put it mildly. Last summer, we adopted a wild cat. I use the term “wild” only to signify that it is an untamed member of a domestic variety. It was a stray … Continue reading

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The Good Old Days

I have always suspected that the “good old days” may not have been so good. When I was a kid, our family didn’t have a car. Daddy walked to work and we children walked to school. Of course, a lot … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Me

Happy birthday to me. You’d think that someone would remember besides my mother who sent me a check. Happy birthday to me. I’ll buy myself a gift and take the day off work. No one will mind. They don’t even … Continue reading

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The Vegetable Garden

Spring is here and something primitive stirs the blood – the urge to dig and plant, to renew and revive the earth. Several years ago when we first moved to the suburbs, we dreamed of tilling the soil, producing crops, … Continue reading

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Blessed are the Trailer Trash

As you may know, the Beatitudes were eight blessings given at the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount, according to Christian beliefs. These were beautiful and inspirational blessings, intended to overcome prejudices of the time. However, we can think of … Continue reading

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The Earth Shoes

Summer is here, time for sandals, but my favorite black pair has fallen apart. What can I do? Maybe I can look on the Internet and find a pair just like them. I search and search and follow dead links to … Continue reading

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Square Cubicles in a Round World

Cubicles are one of the stranger phenomena of the modern office world. In case you are not familiar with an office environment, let me explain. Cubicles are tiny fenced spaces, normally about 8X8 feet wide, surrounded by walls about 5 feet … Continue reading

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I Know I’m Getting Older

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m getting older, so what? My eyes are fuzzy and my roots are gray, but I’ve managed to survive and life should be all downhill from here. Remember, it will happen to all of us sometime, … Continue reading

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