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Pondering Purple

I have this thing about the color purple. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason I have the feeling that I cannot wear purple because it does not look good on me. It may be that I … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Prat Fall

In the days of vaudeville, physical comedy was considered funny, and comics would “accidentally-on-purpose” fall for the comic effect. However, falling down is only funny when the person gets back up. A few years ago, I had a very rough … Continue reading

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Pretty in Pink

“Peasants,” I thought as I looked down on the rest of the world. It hadn’t been that long since I was in that category myself, but today I was up on my pedicure throne in the nail shop, the lap … Continue reading

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It’s a Social Media World

According to rapidly changing statistics, about 3.9 billion people or 81% of Americans use Facebook. Imagine that 3.9 billion people posting pictures of their cats and telling others where they are, what they are doing, what they are eating, and … Continue reading

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The Winter Storm that Wasn’t

I suppose I should be thankful that we dodged the bullet and did not get the ice storm that hit much of the South from Texas to Kentucky. I am thankful, but I am not thankful for all the panic … Continue reading

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Explaining the Winter Olympics

Originally posted on Humor Columnist Blog:
Photo by Daniel Frank on Unsplash Are you watching the winter Olympics on TV? There are sport disciplines in seven sports and it seems that NBC is determined to cover them all. Medals are…

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