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Empty-Nest Syndrome

Mothers sometimes complain that adult children abandon them after they grow up and leave the nest. Empty-nest mothers feel as if the children no longer care. They want to know whether the children still love them. Here is a simple … Continue reading

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Beetle Mania

“We are infested with ladybugs, thousands, all over the house outside, coming in through every crack!” It was a text message from my daughter. Naturally, it was at a time when I was so busy at the office I could … Continue reading

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Munich, Germany

Originally posted on Blogging the Blue Danube:
Where to begin? Germany is very modern and at the same time very traditional. The people are friendly and cultured. Much of Munich was destroyed in World War II, but has been restored.…

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Musical Rooms

We are playing “musical rooms” at my house. This is similar to the children’s game of “musical chairs” in which everyone switches chairs while the music plays. I made the “brilliant” decision about a month ago to change my house … Continue reading

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Eat Your Spinach

“Stop! Don’t eat that spinach!” These words are music to kid’s ears everywhere — words they thought they would never hear. Ever since adults were brainwashed by a cartoon character named Popeye, kids have been victims of vegetable abuse. Adults … Continue reading

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Hamster Dance

Ever since he was been old enough to walk, my grandson has wanted a hamster. He was drawn to the hamster cages in pet stores like a moth to the light. We had to pry him loose with promises. “When … Continue reading

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Greased Lightning

I was asked to watch my year-and-a-half-old granddaughter for only a few hours while my son and his wife were out. Of course, I was thrilled at a chance to have my sweet little granddaughter all to myself and spoil … Continue reading

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The Worry Wart

What is it that makes people worry way out of proportion to the reason for their concern? Some call it being obsessive. Some call it maternal instinct. I don’t really know how to define it; however, I think all mothers … Continue reading

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The Pizza Place

My partner likes to eat out. He is supposed to be on a diet, so I suspect that he just likes to eat out as an excuse to eat food he is not supposed to have. One night, as usual, … Continue reading

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Self-Service World

An acquaintance of mine mentioned how much he hated standing in line at the convenience market to pay for gas. Invariably there is someone buying lottery tickets and three packs of cigarettes — and then scratching off the tickets before … Continue reading

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