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Murphy’s Laws for Rednecks

I apologize in advance if this reminds you of your relatives. It reminds me of mine also. I love our southern culture, but sometimes I just have to have a little fun with it. If you have a double first name, you … Continue reading

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London Series

Riding the wave of the current interest in London due to the shooting incident, I’m posting links to a series of columns I wrote several years ago when I was fortunate enough to visit. The London Series This is a … Continue reading

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Dog Gone

I have a dog living under the bed. His name is Gizmo, but you can call him Giz. He is a miniature Sheltie. Giz is as weird as his name, very shy, timid and afraid. He spends most of his … Continue reading

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Going Buggy

“Where did all these gnats come from?” I asked, noticing some small bugs on the living room carpet. Closer inspection revealed they were not gnats at all, but tiny black ants with wings. Ants? With wings? Why would I have … Continue reading

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Spring Forward – Fall Back

The time is changing again. I have an extra hour of daylight in the evening starting this week. But that creates a problem – what to do with my extra hour?  Just about the time I get adjusted to standard time, it springs … Continue reading

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The Chef Strikes Again

Okay, we are going to have another cooking lesson. After last year’s experience, I’m not trying to do deviled eggs. This year the eggs will go straight to the potato salad – no detours. We will need four boiled eggs … Continue reading

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Deep Sea Fishing 101

The first and most important part of deep-sea fishing is that you must be at the sea. If you live within driving distance, that is not a problem. We inlanders must limit our deep-sea experiences to vacations. While most ladies … Continue reading

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