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Invasion of the Dandelions

Once again it is time for chemical warfare. The dandelions arrived in my lawn and are joyfully celebrating with a spurt of growth ecstasy. I don’t know what it is about a dandelion that freezes my blood and turns me into … Continue reading

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The Farmers’ Market

What is it about an outdoor produce market that makes everything seem so much fresher and better than when brought from the clean, air-conditioned, misted produce counters of the super market?  Perhaps it is the variety and the large quantities, or perhaps … Continue reading

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How NOT to make a Succulent Wreath

So, you are feeling crafty, huh? Yes, I will help you make a wreath. What kind of wreath did you have in mind, dear? You want succulents. Someone else made one and you saw it on her blog. You can’t … Continue reading

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The Vegetable Garden

Spring is here and something primitive stirs the blood – the urge to dig and plant, to renew and revive the earth. Several years ago when we first moved to the suburbs, we dreamed of tilling the soil, producing crops, … Continue reading

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Green Thumb

My plant is dying. I don’t know why. It was so lush and green when I bought it, a beautiful hanging philodendron. It grew vines almost to the floor. Now all of a sudden the leaves are turning yellow and withering. … Continue reading

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