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HumorScope for Today

What’s in the stars for today? While we admit our zodiac is bit cracked, we have nevertheless consulted the stars to deliver a personalized astrological prediction just for the readers of this blog. Any resemblance to an actual horoscope reading … Continue reading

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Something’s Fishy Here

Have you heard about the hottest new pet to hit the market? It’s called the ElvisFish. Who would think people would get so excited over a tropical fish? But, this is not just any old fish. It’s a fish that … Continue reading

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Pajama Mania

When it comes to teenagers, nothing should shock us any more, especially when it comes to fashion fads. This is why I was surprised to learn that teenage girls wearing pajamas to school in the suburbs is a shocking fashion … Continue reading

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Explaining the Winter Olympics

Are you watching the winter Olympics on TV? There are sport disciplines in seven sports and it seems that NBC is determined to cover them all. Medals are up for grabs. We will become intimate with many sports, such as, … Continue reading

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High, Higher, Highest

I am not going to write a column on the high price of gasoline! Who cares what the price of gasoline is? Well, my honey cares. Every time we drive past the corner station, he complains. “Look at that!” “What?” … Continue reading

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It’s a Dirty Business

It seemed like a good idea when we bought our home in a distant suburb. Plenty of space, no rubbing elbows with neighbors, peace and quiet, fresh country air. That was before I found out about septic tanks. I’ve been … Continue reading

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