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In a Hurry

Why is everyone always in a hurry? Our favorite phrase is “I don’t have time!”  Can we find time? Can we make time? Time marches on, doesn’t it?  You hurry in the morning, feeling guilty if you have to take … Continue reading

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Fat as a Pig

Today I am venturing into a bit of self-depreciation, hoping I can shame myself into getting rid of those extra holiday pounds. I hope you cannot relate. How do you know when you are fat as a pig? If your … Continue reading

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If Only Life Had an Undo Button

The “undo” button on some computer programs is a wonderful thing. Backspace will fix a little error like forgetting that the caps lock is locked or typing fdsjkl;ty when you got on the wrong row of keys. But for really … Continue reading

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Big C, little c: What begins with C?

I couldn’t believe it when I heard myself agreeing with my doctor. “You really need to do this”, he said. “How long has it been? Never? Well, I’m going refer you.”  He had referred me once before, but I conveniently … Continue reading

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To the Mattresses

“We are having a four-day sale. Everything is on sale,” says the mattress man. Why is that mattresses are always on sale? Could it be because they are always overpriced? He went into his speech about foam mattresses Who wants … Continue reading

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Tornado Warning

Storms again today. Why are there so many tornadoes lately? I don’t remember ever having this many tornadoes, about twice the normal number. All day long we heard how they were coming. Severe weather warnings, pictures of big red weather … Continue reading

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Hate Mail to I-24

Dear I-24, I know it is probably a shock to find out that not everyone likes the Interstate Highway system, but some of us are getting sick of your consistently bad behavior. I hate your dark asphalt and your multiple … Continue reading

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