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Trash in the Attic

Remember all those television shows where someone finds a priceless antique in the attic? All I have in mine is junk. I have written before about all the junk in my attic. I’ve been working on cleaning out the stash … Continue reading

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Memo from Frisky to All Cats

MEMO TO:  All Cats FROM: Frisky, Feline Escape Artist, Extraordinaire SUBJECT: Life on the Outside It has come to my attention that many house cats are content with staying inside and do not know how to escape the constrictive nature … Continue reading

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Bouncy, Bouncy

Life is one painful day after another, or actually one painful night after another. I am unable to sleep more than a few hours at a time and have to keep the head of the bed raised to sleep at … Continue reading

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Still sick, so what’s new?

Still in recovery from a broken shoulder, I’ve been doing a bit better for the last few days. Right now I am still weak. I haven’t been eating much, mostly soup, so that may be part of it. The house … Continue reading

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