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The Sandwich

How complicated can a sandwich be? The act of buying a sandwich has become so difficult that it almost isn’t worth the trouble. The other day I decided to have sandwiches instead of supper. It would only take a few minutes … Continue reading

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Mama and the Thunderstorms

A line of servere weather is moving through the mid-south and it has stormed all night and all day. Any time we have thunder storms, it reminds me of my mother and her fear of storms. We had an unusual … Continue reading

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Monitor Madness

There are many brilliant people employed in the invention, design, and manufacture and of household devices — unfortunately, none of them are ever involved with anything of mine. This week it was the computer monitor that died. It didn’t go … Continue reading

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The New Shoes

I am having shoe problems again. I love cute shoes but cannot wear high heel shoes. Ladies understand needing dozens of shoes. Men have two pairs and think that is enough. I got rid of anything with a heel, even … Continue reading

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The Passenger Pickup Lane

Yesterday I went to purgatory — at least I call it purgatory. Most people call it the airport. . It used to be fun to go to the airport and pick someone up and watch the planes come in. But … Continue reading

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Only a Matter of Time

Are you on time? What time is it? Did you make it in time or has time run out? Are you out of time? Do you need more time? Are you saving time? Is it only a only a matter … Continue reading

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Cooking Up a New Stove

My daughter called me at work: “I think you are getting that new stove for the kitchen. I turned on a burner and sparks shot halfway across the room. It was like the Fourth of July.” “Did it burn the … Continue reading

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Clothes Gone Crazy

The floor of my closet is littered with shoes. Not the shoes I wear, those are on the shoe rack, but other shoes. I’m embarrassed to say how many, but let’s just say a lot. Why do I have so … Continue reading

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