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The Wrong Day

It has finally happened – dementia. I knew I was getting old but I didn’t expect to lose my mind so soon. I had a dental appointment the other day, my 6 months checkup. I had it on my calendar. … Continue reading

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White Noise

How can a color be noisy? Well, believe me it can. We experienced this innovation at the office where I worked several years ago. Thanks to a new open office plan at our office, we had something new to gripe … Continue reading

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Love It or List It

During the past week or two, I’ve spent a lot of time in front of the tube. It doesn’t require any physical exertion and not much mental exertion either. I’ve reach into the depth of channels with high numbers and … Continue reading

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The Mystery Pill

Expand Messages “Is this yours,” asked Honey, dropping a white caplet in my hand. I looked at it and wasn’t sure. “It was on the bathroom floor,” he said. It didn’t look like one of my usual meds. It could … Continue reading

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Going Green

The main event in my life this week was signing up for a new recycling service. Yes, you heard me right – recycling — which shows how dull my life is if trash excites me. What can I say? My … Continue reading

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Police Scanner Blues

Hum, I thought, as I checked out free apps on iTunes. I was looking at one called “Police Scanner.” That sounds interesting. So, I touched the download button and soon it was on my iPhone. I tried to tune in … Continue reading

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