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Soapy Sunday

Mornings! I hate ’em. I headed for the kitchen for a cup of coffee, hoping it would help open my eyes so I could see how to brush my teeth. I stopped at the kitchen door and rubbed my bleary … Continue reading

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Afflicted by Arthur

I used to think my mother-in-law was crazy when she talked about her friend, Arthur. But I was young and that was before I met him for myself.  Arthur is quite the character. He loves to play pranks. He thinks … Continue reading

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Bluer than The Blue Angels

It’s not every day that the Blue Angels come to town. It was the weekend for the big, every-once-in-a-while air show in my hometown — nationally known flyers from all over and a high-profile flying group too. Saturday was a … Continue reading

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Wall to Wall

Remember when wall-to-wall carpet was all the rage? Rugs were out, the kind that could be turned around to even out the wear and sent out to be cleaned when dirty. I remember having a 9×12 rug in my first … Continue reading

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False Teeth Fiasco

For those whose natural teeth have received a rejection slip from the tooth fairy, plastic choppers are somewhat better than the alternative of being a toothless old geezer. The thrill of being able to flash beautiful, white, plastic, pearly teeth … Continue reading

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Where Do They Come From?

Where, oh, where do they all come from? When I worked during the week, I presumed that everyone else did too. From the looks of the Interstate in the morning going into the city, the whole world commutes to downtown. … Continue reading

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The Wart Has Got To Go!

You’ve seen pictures of old women with warts on their nose. Soon that may be me. I have this nasty wart on my leg. I’ve tried to ignore it, but it will not go away. I’ve tolerated it about as … Continue reading

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