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Blessings Revisited

While a traditional blessing is nice enough, as far as it goes, it just doesn’t go far enough. So we are going to add a few more blessings of our own. Continue reading

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SpamWham™ Activation Notice

Dear Customer: You are receiving this notice as part of our continuing effort to fight unsolicited commercial email, commonly known as SPAM. Using SpamWham! ™, an innovative new computer technology recently developed, we are now able to automatically wham SPAM. … Continue reading

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Sacking the Superbowl

The SuperBowl is a media event that includes pre-game entertainment, a star-studded half-time show, celebrity interviews, a week of media blitz, and unprecedented commercial extravaganza. There is also a football game. The SuperBowl hype starts weeks early so that everyone … Continue reading

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Playing the Comb

Now, I’ve never been very musical. I tried to learn to play a guitar, even took lessons once and learned a few chords, which I soon forgot. Learning to play a musical instrument is hard if you’ve never tried it. … Continue reading

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My Cat is a Junkie

It must have been a stroke of genius when my grandson named her Frisky. I have to admit, the current problem is at least partly my fault, so I can’t in good conscious say too much. Nevertheless, a normal cat … Continue reading

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

This oatmeal version makes chocolate chip cookies that are large and chewy; nothing like the ones in packages at the store. Only a small amount of expertise is needed and the results are well worth the effort. Find the recipe. … Continue reading

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Man Flu

When a man is sick, he wants everyone to know it. “Cough, cough,” said Honey. I didn’t respond. “COUGH, COUGH!” “Are you sick?” I asked. “Yes,” he responded weakly. But being a male, he decided he would go to work … Continue reading

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The Ego Car

It’s The Fever. Corvettes get in your blood. Continue reading

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Of Dogs and Beaches

Dear Owners, Thank you for taking me on your vacation to the beach. I hope you noticed how well I behaved as I might want to go again some time. Might I suggest more rest stops along the way? I had … Continue reading

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Technology Strikes Again

First, I want to say that Honey and I are not cutting-edge people when it comes to electronics. We are obsolete junk people. But last week technology jerked us into modern times when we purchased a new TV.  It is … Continue reading

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