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Georgia on my Mind

I’m not going to say that it is hot in South Georgia. After all, there were enough other things going on at the newspaper columnists’ conference that you almost didn’t notice the heat.  However, I should have known that “Macon” … Continue reading

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Southern Places to See Before You Die

In response to travel articles about interesting places in the world or in the U.S., I decided to write a more localized version. At first it was difficult to think of iconic places, but then it became difficult because of … Continue reading

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The iPad Lesson

Now that you have it, what do you do with it? Today we are going to learn to use an iPad. Step 1: Turn on the iPad. Where is the button? Just try all of them and sooner or later … Continue reading

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How to Have Nothing to Do

What are you doing this weekend? Probably no one will even read my blog this week because everyone will be out having fun and doing interesting things. Everyone wants something to do on the weekend. Around here, they go to … Continue reading

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Doing Damage Control

My email account has been hacked. It is all over the news when some famous person’s account is hacked. There could be compromising information in their email. It is probably worth hacking to someone who wants to prove a point. … Continue reading

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Chickweed Chick

The weather has finally warmed up and thanks to several days of showers the ground was damp, perfect for weed-pulling. Maybe if I have another cup of coffee, it will start pouring rain and I will have a perfect excuse … Continue reading

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It’s All About Me

I am in a fashion rut, I decided. All I wear is tee shirts. I need some pretty blouses to wear. I used to wear skirts or dresses, but jeans and t-shirts are much more comfortable. I wear them most … Continue reading

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Bringing Home the Bacon

My eyes blinked. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on a television commercial. Burger King, home of the Whopper, was advertising a bacon sundae. Did I hear right? Did they say bacon and ice cream? Surely, they were joking. … Continue reading

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