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Time To Call the Plumber

It had only been about a year since the dastardly deed had been done, so imagine my surprise when I heard strange gurgling noises coming from the plumbing. A few days later, Honey came screaming into the bedroom at 4:30 … Continue reading

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Economics for Blondes

Money, money, money. The economy is all people seem to be talking about these days. It seems that we are all going to go broke, be homeless, and have no job sooner or later through no fault of our own, … Continue reading

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After a lifetime of toting around a big heavy purse, I have been liberated. No, my purse was not stolen. I just realized how heavy it is and wondered what I could do to lighten the load. Nearly all women … Continue reading

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Road Trip

We decided to go to St. Louis on a three day weekend for a chance to see my mom and dad. We would drive up on Saturday and back on Monday. It seemed simple enough. It would be me, my … Continue reading

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Hasta la vista Ventura

Several years ago, I was at the National Society of Newspaper Columnists annual conference in Ventura, California. Except for exotic palm trees and flowers, which are irrigated, the West Coast is all dry grass and brown hills. This explains why … Continue reading

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A New Place

Everyone has been to a new place, a college campus, a large mall, or a large building where you didn’t know your way around or how to get to where you want to be. I knew how to get to … Continue reading

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A Shooting Spree

“Bang! Pow! Take that, you good for nothing box of bolts!” My friend Kathy tells a story about getting angry with her computer and shooting it. Kathy tells some wild tales and it is hard to know when it is … Continue reading

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Application to be a Senior Citizen

NAME: Grumpy Ol’Phart ADDRESS: None of your business. Can’t be too careful these days. Someone is always trying to take advantage of old people. You can’t have my social security number or bank account number either. SEX: Of course, who … Continue reading

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The Pandemic Plague of 2020

I realize the name of this blog is “Humor Columnist;” however, some things are funny and some are not. So far I’ve avoided writing about the virus, but I’ve written a short piece about my personal experience with current events … Continue reading

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