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Message from the Car

Dear Vehicle Owner: I think it is about time that we get a few things clear, and I don’t mean my windshield. I am not satisfied with the way you are treating me.  First of all, you are driving me … Continue reading

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Casual Dining

We’ve been invited to eat out tonight,” said Honey. “Okay,” I replied, thinking of all the things I had planned to do when I got off work. Plus, it had been a stressful week of reports, deadlines, and demanding assignments. … Continue reading

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How to Burn Down the House

[Life is, shall we say, “interesting” at my house. In this little scenario, I am the mentioned mom. The narrator is almost anyone else in the house.] Burning down the house seems to be more of a potential possibility at … Continue reading

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I Am Old

I am old. I have fought the good fight for eternal youth, but sooner or later the clock catches up. My wrinkle cream no longer works except to moisturize my drying skin. My cosmetic surgery has begun to slide. Celebrities … Continue reading

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The Two Table Tangle

I won the prize for bad restaurant customers tonight. It was not intentional, honestly. It just sort of happened. The parking lot was crowded, so Honey dropped me off at the door while he looked for a parking space. He … Continue reading

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The Last Telephone

Have you have you bought a landline phone lately? It just isn’t done. Phones come in sets — two phones, three phones, four phones, or even five phones. People thought they had to have a phone for every room. Now, they … Continue reading

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