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The Case of the Missing Toenail

When it comes to minor ailments, I’m always trying to figure out “Why me?” usually while applying Neosporin and a Band-Aid. As soon as I bought those cute new sandals, Murphy’s Law kicked in. If you buy a new pair … Continue reading

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The Only Good Bug is a Dead Bug

Spring is here. Flowers are blooming, leaves are sprouting, and grass is growing. Oh, the freshness of it all. I love it — except for one thing – bugs. Insects are everywhere. I know some of them are harmless. Others … Continue reading

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The Covered Dish Luncheon

Ever so often we had a covered-dish luncheon at the office to break the monotony of endless work. Sometimes they were themed, although usually not. One of the themed ones was the famous chili cook-off that I forgot about until … Continue reading

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Gas Shortage in Southeast US

Previously published 2008-2016. Here we go again, folks.  “An oil pipeline outage and fear of a gas shortage in Middle Tennessee,” media reported. Everyone was urged to maintain normal driving and fuel purchases to prevent unavailability. PANIC! Immediately phones started … Continue reading

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What’s Cooking?

It seems every time I turn on the TV, someone is cooking something. I don’t really want any cooking lessons. Been there — done that — as the saying goes. Some people lament that they can’t cook. I guess it would worry me … Continue reading

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Facebook Syndrome

Facebook is the most visited site on the internet. Over 2.80 billion people are regular users and half of them visit every day to post, network, socialize, or play games. Have you become addicted to Facebook? Can you really stop using Facebook … Continue reading

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