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The Great Ceiling Scrape

Do you get tired of asking people to do things and end up doing it yourself? I often do. But last week my honey made the mistake of asking if he could help me do anything. All my blood drained … Continue reading

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Chariot of Fire

It started out to be a commute home from work like any other day. Rush hour is never a pleasant experience. Everybody wants to get home as fast as they can, it seems, and they don’t really want anything getting … Continue reading

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Barbecue Joint

We were going to an anniversary party in a nearby town. My aunt and uncle have been married 70 years. Imagine that! Seventy years of marriage and they haven’t killed each other yet, a rare occasion. It was getting close … Continue reading

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What to Wear?

Here we are at that silly time of the year again when it is impossible to know what to wear. Spring is wonderful, but for the fashion-conscious woman, it presents untold problems. While men only worry about how fast the … Continue reading

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Git ‘er Done

Git ‘er done Larry the Cable Guy advises. I need to clean my closet in the worse way. Perfect, I think as I look out the window. It is pouring rain outside. Spring is here and my closet is stuffed … Continue reading

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What’s a Clavicle?

You have to go to a doctor periodically for a checkup – whether there is anything wrong or not. I try to conveniently forget about my appointment, as I did this past week. However, the doctor’s office called and inconveniently … Continue reading

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Extreme Densification

I was tired. I had been densifying all day. Densifying? Is that a word? Well, maybe I coined the word. It is what happens when an office is being densified. I looked up densification at and it said, “An … Continue reading

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