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Vacation from Work

This time of the year reminds me of my working days and how I always looked forward to a few extra days off around Christmas. “Are you taking off next week?” asked my co-worker.  We had two days off for … Continue reading

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Seeing Blue on eBay

It usually happens when I’m innocently looking for something and end up on eBay. I start browsing and first thing you know I find something I simply must have. My body takes control of my common sense and forces me … Continue reading

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Kicking the Candy Habit

It’s the season for sweets, and I LOVE old-fashioned hard Christmas candy. Sugar is not treated as a negative by our society. We give cookies to our children, use candy as a reward for good behavior, and celebrate birthdays, weddings, … Continue reading

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Shopping by the Seat of My Pants

We are well into the craziness of the Christmas season. As for me, my fingers are doing the walking this year and I’m doing my shopping online. Don’t worry about me. I’m not a compulsive shopper, as this column might … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Secret Recipe

Holiday season always brings to mind a traditional holiday favorite — fruitcake. So many jokes have been made about tasteless fruitcake that there are not many left. People joke about fruitcake like you buy at the supermarket or receive as … Continue reading

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Wish List for Santa

In a world of greed and fear, Santa is unique, ‘Cause everyone likes Santa and thinks he’s pretty neat, So why don’t we ask Santa for the things we really need, Instead of all the useless junk for which some … Continue reading

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Two Faces of Christmas

It seems to me there are two kinds of people when it comes to Christmas. Which side of the fence are you on? CHRISTMAS CONFORMIST:  Keep an alphabetized list and address Christmas cards early so they will be ready before … Continue reading

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A Christmas Tree Story

Dear Friends, Thank you for the lovely Christmas card and for inviting us to your New Year’s Eve bash. I have been meaning to write, but we have really had a busy year. We decided to have a real tree … Continue reading

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Blue Christmas

I am never sick– at least not in a viral sort of way. Moan and groan — I have the crud. It must be the coronavirus. I’m going to die! Don’t touch me! I’m contagious! I wore a mask, I … Continue reading

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