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My stories are about daily life and the funny things that happen to all of us. My columns have been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and websites.

Tips on Doing Housework

Ever since the beginning of history, it has been the woman’s job to sweep the cave, and dust the stalagmites. While men have come a long way in recent times, statistics say that housework is still mainly the domain of … Continue reading

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When Harry Marries Meghan

Here it is the week before the royal wedding and I’m still waiting for my royal invitation which undoubtedly was lost in the royal mail. It doesn’t really matter, though, I don’t have a hat big enough or ugly enough … Continue reading

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A Visit with Mom

As an adult, I used to delay visiting mom as long as possible. Mom made me feel like a child, regardless of my actual age or even the fact that I was also a mom. Mom’s house was a cluttered … Continue reading

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Born Yesterday

I was born yesterday, fell off a turnip truck, and am not playing with a full deck. I don’t have a spam filter or know how to block an email address. I read all my email, especially the ones offering … Continue reading

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Tree Hugging

  Probably most people remember a tree that was important to them in some way, either in childhood, or because of some special event in life. My special tree was a walnut tree in the yard of the house I … Continue reading

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It was more than we could resist. We had just been talking about how long it had been since we had been on a riverboat and how we need to get out and do something. Then an email came offering … Continue reading

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Following Directions

Unlike a man, I know how to ask for directions. Also, unlike a man, I follow the directions even if they get me lost. I needed to go to Fall Creek Falls, a Tennessee State Park. I’d never been there before … Continue reading

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The Rooster Pitcher

I won! I got the item I was bidding for on E-Bay! This may seem like a small thing, but it was my first purchase on E-Bay. From all the email I’m receiving from them, they seem to be as … Continue reading

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The Accident

“Hello, Mom?” I was at work and it was my daughter calling. I had to put another call on hold to answer. “Hold on for a minute.” “Mom, I can’t, it’s an emergency!” “Just a minute, I’ll be right back.” … Continue reading

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Wild, Blue, Yonder

I wish they would bring back the local airshow! I’ve missed it since it quit coming. I don’t know where it’s been or why it is taking so long to return. Like all the other fans around here, nothing could … Continue reading

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