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My stories are about daily life and the funny things that happen to all of us. My columns have been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and websites.

Pet Play

We have four pets, five if you count the fish. While I am away at work, the animals conspire with each other to think of ways to make me crazy.  “I’ll chew the legs on the table,” says the dog … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Life

A blog? Of course, I’m going to write in my blog. I always blog a few times a week. But first, I have to check my email. My inbox is overflowing, and I really need to delete the SPAM. I … Continue reading

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The Hoarder Episode

My house was like an episode from “Hoarders.” I don’t know how it happened — but that’s what they all say, isn’t it? Okay, I do know how it happened and it’s my fault … sort of. I wanted to … Continue reading

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The Year of the Locust

This has been the year of the cicada in parts of the U.S. Cicadas have invaded like – well, like a plague of locusts from the Bible. Cicadas are sometimes called locusts, although, as I understand it, a true locust … Continue reading

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How to Become a Victim of Financial Fraud

There are ways to assure that your credit card numbers — or even your identity — will go to thieves who will download porn movies, and make 900 calls with your credit card. If you are really lucky, you might … Continue reading

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Flash Flood!

“Help, somebody help!” What are those kids yelling about now, I wondered, thinking it was my grandchildren. Then I remembered, the grandchildren are at home. My daughter came down the hall yelling, “I need help.” What in the world? Is … Continue reading

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I had an epiphany this week. Sad as it might be, I’m not getting any younger. I need to realize that one day I’m not going to be around anymore. All the stuff I’ve been saving because I might need … Continue reading

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Fashionable and Free

“Free lunch bag,” said the advertisement. “Hum, that’s pretty cute,” I thought. “I wouldn’t mind to have one of those. So what’s the catch?” If there is one thing I’ve learned in life, it is that nothing is free that … Continue reading

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Brave New iWorld

My grandchildren have a new electronic toy. My daughter called it her iPhone. It seems in a moment of sheer insanity, she downloaded a free game for the girls, thinking it would keep them quiet in the doctor’s waiting room. … Continue reading

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Letter to the Car

Dear Car, Can we talk? You and I need to have a little discussion. You seem to be having a lot of problems lately. Is there something wrong that I don’t know about? Every time I turn around, you seem … Continue reading

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