Eat-It-Up Diet


Are you sick of being hungry? Are you tired of tasteless diet food? Now with the Eat-It-Up Diet you can eat all you want. Our diet plans are specially prepared by world class chefs and guaranteed to be delicious or your money back. Eat fried foods, creamy sauces and rich gravies. No more turning away dessert. With our diet, you can eat as much as you want whenever you want it.

Have you been skipping breakfast again to try and cut down on consumption? With our diet plan you can eat three meals a day and be guilt free. Thousands have tried our diet and report that they are eating more and eating better than ever.

veggiesOur diets do not concern themselves with fat content or cholesterol, the words you have learned to hate. Our diet plans are loaded with the good food that we all love. We know you are sick of fish, carrots and broccoli. Red meat is a major part of our meals. Give yourself the food you want and deserve!

Craving mashed potatoes and gravy? Go ahead and indulge. On our diets you can actually eat these foods or anything else that you want. And best of all, no dangerous diet pills or exercise is needed when you follow our plan. You simply stay on the plan for three meals a day and eat snacks as desired between meals.

How is this possible, you wonder? Simple! Eat-It-Up diets are designed to satisfy your food cravings and desire for sweets. They allow you to eat anything you want and still say you are on a diet plan. What could be simpler than that?

Do we guarantee that you will lose weight? Of course not! Unlike other diet plans, we tell the truth. Others promise that you will loose weight, but fail to mention that as soon as you leave the plan, you will regain all you have lost and probably more. In our plan, we simply leave out the period of starvation in the middle and go straight to the final result.

All nutritionists know that crash diets do not work and the so-called healthy weight loss plans allow you to loose weight only temporarily. Here at Eat-It-Up, we opt to tell the truth. Our motto is: “You are what you eat!” Why spend countless hours worrying about losing weight when you will gain it back eventually anyhow?

Forget about going without the high calorie foods you love. You can eat it up and still say you are on a “diet plan.” Your friends will be so amazed by the food you eat that they will be dying to know your secret. Imagine how envious they will be.

This is a diet plan you can stick to. No more getting hungry and going off the diet. Because you can eat anything you want, everything is on the plan. Weight loss plans with cardboard-tasting diet dinners practically beg for you to cheat. So why not just get on a diet plan that you can stay on?

We make no false claims or artificial promises. We tell you right up front that you can continue to eat the same way you always have. If you want to eat unhealthy food, that is strictly your own business. We are here merely to supply a demand. Why do other diets feel they have an obligation to dictate to you what you can and cannot do? With the famous Eat-It-Up diet, it’s your choice.

If you love your meat and potatoes, if you crave sweets and carbohydrates, you can continue to have the food you want. Eat the way that 90% of Americans eat anyhow. No more cheating, no more worrying. The choice is yours.

Choose to Eat-It-Up today and worry about it tomorrow. We’ll be glad you did.


About Sheila Moss

My stories are about daily life and the funny things that happen to all of us. My columns have been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and websites.
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  1. energywriter says:

    You go, girl! You told the truth in a funny way. sd

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