Tree? What Tree?


Christmas came and went – but my Christmas tree came and is still here.  Why is it that I procrastinate about the inevitable every year?  I know that sooner or later I have to do the deed and take the tree down.  Why do I dread it so much?

It was so much fun to put the tree up and decorate it.  It is the exact same thing – only in reverse, isn’t it?  Somehow with the Christmas spirit gone and the after-holiday “blahs” setting in, it becomes just one more overwhelming chore.

I dread going into my living room and seeing it standing there glaring at me.  If I turn its lights off, maybe it will be less conspicuous.  But something as big as a Christmas tree is difficult not to notice.

Perhaps I can simply ignore it and pretend it isn’t there.  If someone asks why I still have a Christmas tree in April, I can say, “Tree?  What tree?  I don’t see a tree!”  Like the fabled emperor with no clothes, if I pretend not to see the obvious, perhaps everyone else will too.

Or, maybe I could act as if it is an oversized potted plant, a new decorator accent for my home.  Of course the ornaments and lopsided angel on top would have to come off if I stand a prayer of passing it off as a houseplant.  If I have to go to the trouble to remove the decorations, I might as well just get rid of the whole thing and have it done with.

At times like this, I wonder why I didn’t get a real tree instead of an artificial one.  Then I could send it to the chipper with no worries about trying to stuff those scratchy branches back in a box.  I swear the thing grows!  I know it is artificial, but it was in a box to start with.  Why is it that once used, a tree will never fit back in the box again?  Do you suppose a chipper can grind up wire branches?

Maybe I could cover it with plastic and save it until next Christmas.  It would make a great conversation piece.  Just think of all the work I could save.  It is sort of silly when you consider it, putting trees up and taking them down year after year.  Every year I say I’m not going to put up a tree.  Then the Christmas spirit hits me and before I know it, I’m in the attic dragging down boxes.

Well, I still don’t have a solution and the demon tree is in there waiting for me.  Okay, okay!  I will take it down — later.  I would do it right now, but I’m really too tired; I don’t remember what I did with the box it came in; I really need someone to help me; it isn’t on my list of things to do today; I’m too busy; my back hurts; I don’t have the energy; I have other things that I need to do first; I’ve just remembered an appointment I need to keep; I haven’t even checked my email today. Why take it down and spoil the lingering holiday mood?

Tree?  What tree?  I don’t see a tree!

Copyright 2002 Sheila Moss

About Sheila Moss

My stories are about daily life and the funny things that happen to all of us. My columns have been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and websites.
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11 Responses to Tree? What Tree?

  1. lisakunk says:

    I get the feeling you want a year round tree which means you simply change out the ornaments. Valentines is coming up. Swap out anything not red and add some red peppers and red heart doilies available at any craft store. Then, think easter. Hang those plastic eggs all over that bad boy and toss on some curly pastel ribbon and call it an Easter tree. You get the idea. Red White and blue will come soon enough, then orange, then leafy, then Christmas again. Done. There you go. You’re welcome. Enjoy that tree.

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  2. masercot says:

    I usually just get one of my sons to be the Christmas tree. Around January third, they go back to work so I just have to pick the lights, tinsel and ornaments off of the floor after he sheds them. They alternate each year so one is my tree and the other has the unenviable job of being my jack-o-lantern…

    Note that I no longer use a candle…

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  3. energywriter says:

    You said it! One of my great-grandsons put it up, but I have to take it down or all the ornaments will be crashed into the box and never recover.

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  4. Lois says:

    One year we had ours up until July, because Jeff wanted one of his grandnieces to see it. For some reason she did not make it up here to see the tree with the train and village underneath the tree, or the Christmas Village that he puts up in front of the window each year. She finally found the time and came up. I considered keeping it up since it was so late in the year, but I made him take it down anyway.
    Is that a Christmas tree you still have up? Tree? What tree?

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  5. runawaywidow says:

    I feel the same way.

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  6. Ann says:

    We have an artificial tree with pre-lit white lights. This year I didn’t plug in white lights but used multicolored lights. Our tree stays up until January 7th but I have thought about leaving it up longer with the white lights. January decorations would be New Year themed, February red hearts, March shamrocks, April would be Easter themed… can see where I’m going. Hubby not too impressed but till thinking about it lo.

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