The Mad Elevator Ride


I was in a hurry. The office building was large and I need to go to another floor. I hopped on the elevator and pressed the button for the 5th floor. The elevator went to the 4th floor and opened. “No, I want the 5th floor,” I insisted, pressing the button again. Stupid elevators. Why can’t they work right? I don’t have time to play elevator games.

This time the elevator went to the 15th floor. What is going on here? I looked out to see if I saw anything unusual, but all was well. I suppose I should have stepped off right then and waited for another elevator, but I’m the die-hard type.

Thinking hard, I decided maybe the elevator was stopping one floor below where it was supposed to stop. I would trick it. I pressed the button for the 6th floor, but the elevator didn’t do anything.

Now I’ve confused it, I thought. I pressed the 5th floor button again, nothing happened. I pressed the “open door” button. Nothing. “I’m stuck!” I looked for the red emergency button, but there wasn’t one.

About that time the elevator started moving. “Oh, good,” I thought. I didn’t care what floor it stopped at by this time — I was getting off. It went to the bottom floor and stopped. But the door didn’t open. I was still stuck. By now I was starting to feel a bit of panic.

“Stay calm,” I said to myself, but obviously, I was anything but calm. I tried to make a deal with the elevator. “Okay, elevator, if you will just open up I will get off and never ride you again.” Nothing happened.

I pressed every single button and they all lit up, but the elevator didn’t move an inch. I banged on the door and yelled hoping someone would hear me.

All the buttons suddenly went out.

I pressed the 5th floor button. The elevator started moving, but it didn’t stop on five. It went all the way to the top and then all the way to the bottom, again and again. I was feeling a little dizzy.

“Okay, elevator, you win. Just take me to whatever floor you want.” I banged on the door and yelled, “Let me out!” The elevator went to the basement.

Okay we are all the way at the bottom. At least it won’t fall. But the elevator kept going down, or at least it felt like it. Down, down, down, down. This is impossible, I thought. We can’t go past the basement. There are no more floors.

Finally it stopped. Where am I? This time I was glad when the doors didn’t open. I pressed all the buttons again. “Please, elevator, get me out of here! Please, I want to go UP, not down.” The elevator shuddered and then shot upwards like a rocket being launched.

I jerked and woke up in my own bed. It took me a moment to realize that it was only a dream. What a relief! It must have been an elevator anxiety dream. I hate elevators anyhow.

When I got on the elevator that morning, I felt a bit nervous, but the elevator went right to my floor and opened, just like it always does. “It is all in my mind,” I thought. “It doesn’t know. It’s only a machine.”

But, I’m wondering if maybe I should just walk down the stairs from now on?

Copyright 2006 Sheila Moss

About Sheila Moss

My stories are about daily life and the funny things that happen to all of us. My columns have been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and websites.
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2 Responses to The Mad Elevator Ride

  1. sarah9188 says:

    That sounds like a scary dream. I have this niggling fear every time I get on an elevator that it’s going to get stuck, but it’s never actually happened to me. Still, I was feeling anxiety for you reading this and was relieved to hear that it was dream. That being said, I’m probably going to take the stairs unless I can absolutely help it. XD

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    • Sheila Moss says:

      They are supposed to be safety inspected on a regular basis, but we have all heard stories. I’ve been stuck few times where I used to work. The back elevator was not dependable and you never knew where you would end up stopping. But the worse time was when I was stuck on one of the main elevators. I thought the lady with me was going to panic and I was trying to be calm to keep her calm. It stuck about two feet below the floor. They had to pry the doors open and we climbed out. If I’m on one that starts acting up, I get off now.


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