One Day at a Time with AT&T

networkThinking of changing network providers? This is my experience based on the 12-Step Program. Hopefully, your “improvement” will go more smoothly.

Step 1 – Admit you are powerless over your cable company. What used to be a mere pittance for broadband computer connection has continued to rise until it has become a money -sucking monster.

Step 2 – Come to believe that a power greater than Comcast can restore you to your sanity.

Step 3 – Make a decision to turn your life and your computer over to the care of AT&T, as you understand them and the advertisements.

Step 4 – Make a searching and fearless inventory of your home and count all the computers, including laptops, disregarding old computers and old computer parts
in the attic.

Step 5 – Admit to AT&T, yourself, and Comcast that you are stupid for paying more money for cable just to keep your free virus protection, an unused home page,
and eight email addresses, seven of which you’ve never used.

Step 6 – Be entirely ready to have AT&T remove your cable connection.

Step 7 – Humbly ask the phone company to reconnect you.

Step 8 – Make a list of all the email contacts you will have to notify and be willing to accept that you will lose about half of them.

Step 9 – Make a direct wired connection to your computer whenever possible, except when to do so involves a remote computer or laptop — for those you need to go wireless.

Step 10 – Continue to take inventory of computers and printers and to work endless hours with AT&T support people to get your computer up and running.

Step 11 – Seek through meditation to forget your aggravation with AT&T as you thought you understood them, praying for an understanding of why you cannot connect to the Internet, regardless of what you do.

Step 12 – Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of three endless days of being on the phone with support techs, frayed nerves, no sleep, lost time, and nothing working right, try to carry the message to others.

Step 13 – Crawl under the desk, find the old computer cable and plug yourself in. Kiss your computer. Check email, update your website, and check out Facebook. Sooner or later your new company will get their act together. Until then, remember…

Relapse is a part of improvement.

Copyright 2008 Sheila Moss


NOTE: I don’t know what went wrong here. Maybe I don’t have enough patience. Eventually things were worked out and we’ve been happy since. However, I’m still not convinced that one service is much different than another.


About Sheila Moss

My stories are about daily life and the funny things that happen to all of us. My columns have been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and websites.
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