The Somalia Pirate Dog

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When Obama was in the White House, he had a pet dog called a Portuguese Water  Dog. Joe Biden also has his eye on a pet dog. It is an unusual dog known as a Somalia Pirate Dog. The new dog could be named “NO”, which is a world that will probably be heard a lot in the dog’s new home.

This new dog is not a pedigree dog. He is a mongrel who grew up in the streets of Scranton, PA. Abandoned by his original owner, he learned to do whatever he had to do to survive. Eventually he ended up in an animal shelter, where he did hard time until he was rescued.

You probably thought that all puppies are “water” dogs, at least when they first come home. The Somalia Pirate Dog might be considered a water dog in this respect. He will need to be watched closely around the White House carpets or he may decide to mark his territory.

While the Portuguese dog has to be taught to swim, the Somalia Pirate Dog is born knowing how to dog paddle. For a pirate dog, it is sink or swim. He has learned everything though survival of the fittest. The dogs excel in fighting and burying bones.

Interestingly, both kinds of dogs have hair instead of fur. While a pedigree water dog goes to the groomer on a regular basis to have his hair groomed and trimmed, the pirate dog wears his hair in a pony tail, as is traditional with Pirate Dogs.

Portuguese Water Dogs are historically work dogs. They were called water dogs because they worked on the boats of Portuguese fishermen in the olden days, where they were considered part of the crew. It was their task to guard the boats in port, to swim and herd fish into the nets, to fetch items that fell overboard, and to even take messages from one boat to another.

Somalia Pirate Dogs have a somewhat different background. They worked on the ships of pirates in historical times where they helped to seize ships from the crews on the high sea. It was their task to swim to the other ship, and to viciously hold the crew at bay while the pirates boarded the ship and robbed it of its cargo of valuables. The favorite part of these raids for the pirate dogs was looting the galley.

People who own Portuguese Dogs have reported that they are high energy dogs and if not kept busy, will find their own ways to amuse themselves. They are said to like chewing up paper and may have been the source of the phrase, “The dog ate my homework.”

The Pirate Dogs are also eaters of paper. The pirate dog is likely to sneak into the Oval Office and chew up any unsigned Congressional bills or Presidential Orders that are left laying around. Pirate dogs are especially fond of chewing up treaties, which pirates historically have never liked anyhow.

The Somalia Pirate Dog is a handsome dog. He usually has a black patch of fur over one eye and is especially cute with a red bandana tied around his neck. Many activist groups strongly favor shelter dogs and believe they make excellent pets when adopted into good homes.

There have been many interesting pets in the White House other than dogs. Other Presidents have had pets, from alligators in the bathtub and white mice, to hippo’s and tiger cubs. George Washington even had a parrot, which might have been the first pet in the White House that historically belonged to a pirate.

The addition of the Somalia Pirate Dog to the White House would be a great political achievement for the administration. There is nothing like the success story of an underdog to get the nation’s attention off of other problems.

Copyright 2009 Sheila Moss
Updated 2020

Disclaimer: Although based on facts, this article is SATIRE (fiction) less anyone take it seriously.

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My stories are about daily life and the funny things that happen to all of us. My columns have been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and websites.
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  2. Lois says:

    Very interesting and entertaining article. It would be cool for Biden to adopt a shelter dog for the White House.


  3. cat9984 says:

    Biden is actually considering a shelter dog? Very cool


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