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Trash in the Attic

Remember all those television shows where someone finds a priceless antique in the attic? All I have in mine is junk. I have written before about all the junk in my attic. I’ve been working on cleaning out the stash … Continue reading

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The Hoarder Episode

My house was like an episode from “Hoarders.” I don’t know how it happened — but that’s what they all say, isn’t it? Okay, I do know how it happened and it’s my fault … sort of. I wanted to … Continue reading

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Invisible Dust

You may find this hard to believe, but it is absolutely true. I have invisible dust at my house. I know it is invisible because no one can see it except me. The furniture can have enough of the stuff … Continue reading

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The Dust Mite War

Like nearly every woman, I’ve been fighting the dust mite war my whole life, but recently it became more serious when the doctor told me that I was allergic to house dust. It is not plain, old, run-of-the mill, outdoor-type … Continue reading

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