The Air Show

IMG_0033By now everyone has heard about the disaster, how one of the beloved Blue Angels crashed and burned during practice for a show right here in my hometown. The entire town is devastated and anticipation has turned to grief . Many people here are retired military who served at the former air field where the show is held and the community has a special bond with flying. The following is a column I wrote years ago that shows the excitement we feel about our air show. I offer it in tribute to Captain Jeff Kuss.  The air show is still on this year, but our favorite team will not fly. God bless the Blue Angels who  provide public relations and recruiting for our military as they serve our country.


Every year about this time, it happens – the air show!  I don’t know exactly what it is about air shows, but somehow they seem to strike a nerve of excitement.  Something about those loops, barrels, and Cuban eights just makes me come alive!

I use to never go to the air show, even though it was right here in my hometown.  Then one year, I decided to go.  I loved it! I was hooked. Now I can hardly wait for the air show to come.

Yep, I’d risk almost anything for a good air show – sunburn, crowds, major traffic jams, rain threat – nothing can deter me.  I’ve become almost a pro at watching   I’ve learned how to get my tickets the day before the show, to take my own snacks and water to avoid the extraordinary prices charged by the vendors, to be sure to remember the sunscreen, and to take my lawn chair.  I have a special hat to wear to keep the sun off my head, big enough to do the job but with a small brim so the view in the sky is not obstructed. And of course, bring those sunglasses.

The pro watcher always starts early to allow for the lineup of traffic going into the show.  After  arriving, I take my lawn chair, go immediately to the front and sit it up right at the rope for the best view. Once I stake my claim to a prime spot, I am free to wander.

While I wait for the show, I can visit a few of the static exhibits. Look at all those dials on the dash.  Wonder what they are all for?  Might even sit in the cockpit of a plane and pretend I am getting ready to take off for the wild blue yonder.  I can talk to some of the staff that fly the planes and make some great pictures standing by the planes.

The flying, of course, is what I am here for.  It is never a disappointment.  I don’t have to know a thing about planes or the military to enjoy the amazing spectacle and realize the skill involved as they trail smoke, loop, dive, and do hammerheads.

Of course, the best shows are when one of the big groups comes:  The Thunderbirds, the Snowbirds, or the Blue Angels.  All others pale in comparison to the thrills they provide for the crowd.  Some people can distinguish a favorite. I have trouble doing this.  They are each so incredible in their skill and precision that there are not enough superlatives to describe the demonstration they give.

So, the air show is coming again this year.  I will get tired, and bit sunburned, and have trouble trying to wind down.  It’s a great show!  Wish you all could be here!

Copyright 1998 – 2016 Sheila Moss

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My stories are about daily life and the funny things that happen to all of us. My columns have been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and websites.
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7 Responses to The Air Show

  1. Watching the Blue Angels has always restored my faith in America- when they fly over the Gulf Waters of Pensacola Beach…it is breathtaking…that one of them has died is tragic – thank you for this post!

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    • Sheila Moss says:

      My former husband was stationed at Naval Air Station in Pensacola and was a big fan. So sorry it happened at all, and esp sorry it happened here.


      • Truly sad…you’ve experienced them over sea and air…I understand one of the Thunderbirds crashed also…they are amazing as well We saw them many years ago, both are unforgettable

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        • Sheila Moss says:

          Fortunately, the Thunderbird pilot was able to eject. The Blue Angel rode it down because it was going to hit apartments and shopping areas if he bailed. I was at Walmart, nearby, and heard the plane tearing through the sky way too low. I’ll never get that sound out of my ears.

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          • Oh Sheila! I am crying reading this- I re-blogged a post- to include Orange Beach in Alabama which is a mere 25 miles or so from Pensacola – we were just there- often as we sit at Orange Beach- we can see them practicing overhead- our daughter is in Missile Defense at Redstone in Huntsville- the Blue Angels were there several years ago and we saw them on land- first time on land- I thought then- what if they crash- with houses etc nearby- unimaginable- and so heroic- we met some of the pilots and they are…well let’s just say ‘Top Gun’ doesn’t even begin to describe these pilots! The sound of those planes is almost terrifying they are so powerful, I cannot imagine what you heard…I am heartsick over it all…

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  2. geezer94 says:

    Ms Sheila, loved watching the planes … one airshow my wife made fun of me for wearing a thin long sleeve shirt … but as it turned out … I wasn’t the one who got burnt like a forgotten hotdog in the toaster oven … thanks for sharing 🙂

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