Did the Grinch Steal Winter?


So, what’s with this crazy weather we’re having?  It’s suppose to be winter around here, but I guess Mother Nature didn’t get the word.  People are wearing their Bermuda shorts.  Somehow it just doesn’t seem like much like December.  Fall came on time, though there was less color than usual.  Frost cooperated in time for the pumpkins.

Isn’t the rule still that winter follows fall?

Okay, now I know that part of the country is used to warm weather.  Those lucky folks in California and Florida are accustomed to hanging their stocking on palm trees and decorating with poinsettias instead of snowflakes and tinsel.   Most of us, however, are accustomed to the four seasons and expect something a little more traditional.  We are not asking for snow and ice, mind you, but these balmy temperatures in the middle of the winter just don’t seem natural.

The weather people are, as usual, yelling,  “Global warming! Global warming!”  But the politicians don’t want to consider the possibility of anything like the polar ice caps melting and the ocean level rising.  Wouldn’t want to alarm anyone.  Well, sure hope they know what they are talking about… but I doubt it.

We should be used to abnormal weather by now.  Most of us just figure we can chalk up another one for El Niño and the strange weather phenomena it brings.  El Niño is said to be Spanish for “boy child” or “Christ child” because it often occurs around December.  The experts – and we all believe the experts, don’t we – say, however, that it is not El Niño or the atmospheric pressure in the Pacific this time.

The problem is the mass of cold air over the polar region, which normally tilts our way and brings us our usual seasonally cold weather.  Instead of tilting toward North America, it seems to have tilted in the other direction.  So, say the weather folks, this warm weather is a temporary condition that can be expected to change very shortly.

Well, guess I better see if I can find those shorts and T-shirts I packed away.  These sweaters are getting mighty uncomfortable.  Guess I’ll hang tight and wait for the polar air to tilt again.  All this tilting is getting pretty hard to keep up with.  If it doesn’t tilt before long, though, I’m  gonna need to mow the grass.

Think I’ll throw out those spray cans before that hole in the ozone gets any bigger.  If the tide comes in and doesn’t go out, somebody let me know.

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5 Responses to Did the Grinch Steal Winter?

  1. I experienced that where I live in 2015. January and February felt like May, and I spent most weekends hiking in the mountains in short sleeves. I couldn’t believe it. Of course, it’s not good of the lakes and rivers, but I can say that’s the first winter where I actually had a tan.


  2. energywriter says:

    Yes, this has been a weird one. Good story though, some giggles.

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  3. George says:

    I’m not complaining…:)

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  4. Crazy weather all over!

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  5. mickey2travel says:

    It’s because Walmart put out their Valentines stuff out!

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