New Phone Fever

woman red cell

The other day I was at Walmart and walked by the electronics display. I made the mistake of stopping to look at the new iPhone X. It was all screen, no plastic frame. “I could use a new phone,” I mused. Of course, I was there for dog treats and toilet paper, not a phone.

The seed had been planted. I could not get it out of my mind. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the phone I have. “I am becoming a geek, wanting every new thing that comes along.” I could not think of a single reason to buy a new phone except that I wanted it. I had a severe case of new phone fever.

I browsed the Apple website. It only comes in black and silver. Apple finally figured out that the first thing people do is buy a cover for their new cell. And they had covers, silicone and leather covers in every shade of the rainbow. I felt my resistance melting.

I mentioned to honey that I would like to have a new phone.

“They will be coming out with a new model in a few months. You might as well wait till then.”

I couldn’t wait.

We were soon off to AT&T. The sales person was at the door to greet us. “What do you need today?” he asked. “I want a new iPhone X,” I confessed, as the dollar signs flashed in his eyes. I gave him my phone number and he looked up the story of my electronic life. Everything was in the computer except my passwords. He had exactly what I wanted in stock. His fingers fairly flew as he transferred my data from the iCloud to the new phone.

“A case — I want a case,” I said, “bright pink.” Bright pink was out of stock. He showed me some other cases, which I didn’t like. I suddenly remembered that pink Otterbox I had before my current phone. I hated it. I quickly changed my mind. “I will take the red one.” So red it was.

I already knew the retail prices from the Apple website, so I did not have a heart attack or go into sticker shock when I saw the bill. “Can I trade in my old one?” I asked. Yes, I could — except I had a passcode set up in “restrictions.” I had not the foggiest idea what it could be.

“We can’t take it as a trade unless you remember the code to unlock it. If you remember it later, you can come back and we will take it off your bill.” Naturally, I was not going to change my mind at this point, so I handed over my plastic card and the deed was soon done.

The new phone has a lot of features I will have to learn. There is no belly button at the bottom. You have to swipe instead. The main change, though, is that it recognizes your face and unlocks without a code or a fingerprint. Technology is getting almost scary.

The next day I hacked and hacked for hours on my old phone. I tried every password I could think of to unlock it. It was frustrating! Why did I set up a restriction passcode anyhow? As a last resort, I tried my phone number and the phone magically unlocked. I could not believe it.

I’m a happy hacker now and can play with my new red phone. Let’s see now, what is my new passcode? Oh, wait, I don’t need one. It recognizes my face.

Copyright 2018 Sheila Moss

About Sheila Moss

My stories are about daily life and the funny things that happen to all of us. My columns have been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and websites.
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4 Responses to New Phone Fever

  1. energywriter says:

    Great story, but can’t relate. I hate getting new technology. New “stuff” comes out before I’ve learned all the cool “stuff” on the old one.


    • Sheila Moss says:

      This one is so cute I fell in love. I had a pink flip phone one time that I really liked too. I still miss it. If you don’t want a new one, don’t look or first thing you know it will whistle and call your name and you will get the fever.


  2. Sheila Moss says:

    Yeah, I am the same way. The facial recognition thing looks at you and knows your face. Some people say use the same password, but it expires or different place have different protocols. There are apps that remember them for you, but I don’t trust them. What if your computer crashes and they all go poof or a hacker gets in the address book? I guess they are on a cloud somewhere, but guess I’m too old school.


  3. I hate passcodes and pins. I have like 50 of them so I can’t remember them all without a spreadsheet with pages and pages of them listed. Looking forward to more fingerprint access to stuff so my feeble mind doesn’t have remember where I put the spreadsheet.

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