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New Phone Fever

The other day I was at Walmart and walked by the electronics display. I made the mistake of stopping to look at the new iPhone X. It was all screen, no plastic frame. “I could use a new phone,” I … Continue reading

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Wee Geek

My grandson discovered the computer when he was 3 years old. Life was never the same at my house. He received a preschool computer game as a gift, and we finally got around to opening it. It was from one of those themed … Continue reading

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Are You a Nerd?

If you would rather play with your e-devices than watch football, You might be a nerd. If you own more than one cell phone, You might be a nerd. If you buy extra cartridges for your printer before you need … Continue reading

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The Big Screen Dream Machine

Years ago, big-screen TV’s were about the size of a kitchen range and took up half a room.  I will never forget the time when my man first decided that we had to have one. ********** My honey has a new toy. It’s the … Continue reading

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Technology Strikes Again

First, I want to say that Honey and I are not cutting-edge people when it comes to electronics. We are obsolete junk people. But last week technology jerked us into modern times when we purchased a new TV.  It is … Continue reading

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