After a lifetime of toting around a big heavy purse, I have been liberated. No, my purse was not stolen. I just realized how heavy it is and wondered what I could do to lighten the load.

Nearly all women carry purses, some are the size of a small suitcase and could really use wheels. It’s a wonder we don’t break our backs. In my case, my knees are going bad and any extra weight I can get rid of is a good thing.

Why do we carry all this junk around? Are we so afraid that we won’t have essentials that we burden ourselves down with too many non-essentials?

We tote around wallets with cards for every appointment we will ever have, not to mention credit cards, driver’s license, insurance cards, AAA card, membership cards, discount cards, and business cards.

We have makeup, hairspray, lotion, hand wipes, comb, lipstick, hairbrush, manicure set, band-aids, Kleenex, and makeover equipment for a bad hair day.

There is the cell phone, change purse, address book, keys to everything we own, and photos of all the kids and grandkids.

No wonder those purses weigh in over the luggage limit.

Are we really going to have an emergency that requires all this equipment every time we leave the house? If not, why are we carrying around an emergency toolbox?

Let it go, I decided.

It was hard. I love my stuff just like every other woman. Deciding what I need and what I can leave at home is difficult. However, something has to be done. I could not continue to tote around a cosmetic counter, reference library, emergency room, and family photo album.

I took a small zipper purse, added money, a credit card, driver’s license, insurance cards, a car key, and cell phone. It would all fit in a pocket.

That’s it? That’s all I need?

Yes, it is. If I need a makeover, I can do it at home. My cell phone has all the vital info in electronic form. The likelihood that I will die of thirst if I don’t carry my own bottled water is really not very likely. I probably won’t go anywhere that I can’t get out of the rain so why do I need a rain bonnet or poncho?

It felt funny at first, almost frightening. After a while, I realized that I didn’t use 99% of the stuff anyhow. And the very few times I did need something was not worth the trouble of dragging it around unused for an entire lifetime.

How many times have you actually whipped out that handy sewing kit to fix something? If you are that paranoid, carry a safety pin. I promise you, it will be years before you need it and you could probably buy one even then.

So, that’s it. I’m liberated from purses. I’m hands free and light as a feather. So far I’ve not had a panic attack when I needed something that was at home. I waited or found a substitute.

Could someone loan me some change now? I need to feed the parking meter.

Copyright 2009 Sheila Moss

About Sheila Moss

My stories are about daily life and the funny things that happen to all of us. My columns have been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and websites.
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7 Responses to Liberation

  1. Ann says:

    I have always disliked carrying a purse. I carry a small woman’s wallet that fits in my jeans/slacks pockets.

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  2. Sharon Dillon says:

    Great story. I just went through the same situation, only I didn’t downsize enough. My daughter yelled at me for a carrying a purse that was too large and heavy for me. I told her that I couldn’t change because the purse was a gift and I didn’t want the giver to think I didn’t like it. She said, “Change it, anyway!”
    My smaller purse is bulging. So, I need to go through the pile of junk again, and eliminate more. Thank you for reminding me that I can do without things I don’t use anyway. When I work I use a back pack for lunch, raincoat, etc. But I definitely do no need those items on a regular day.

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  3. I have one of those camelbak backpacks for a purse. I like to keep things to a minimal too


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