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Chickweed Chick

The weather has finally warmed up and thanks to several days of showers the ground was damp, perfect for weed-pulling. Maybe if I have another cup of coffee, it will start pouring rain and I will have a perfect excuse … Continue reading

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The Interview

I read with interest the notice in the office newsletter about a vacancy. I hadn’t been promoted in years. Although I already had a great job where I was chained to a computer and forced to drink black coffee all … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Blues

Sometimes it makes me wonder why we try to run an office.  Perhaps we should close down due to lack of interest and called it a day. People seem to have no work ethics any more. Used to be that people took … Continue reading

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Square Cubicles in a Round World

Cubicles are one of the stranger phenomena of the modern office world. In case you are not familiar with an office environment, let me explain. Cubicles are tiny fenced spaces, normally about 8X8 feet wide, surrounded by walls about 5 feet … Continue reading

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