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Tell Me a Story

In East Tennessee the performance side of storytelling can be observed at The National Storytelling Festival. Usually, when I tell anyone that I am going to a storytelling festival, they say, “What is that?” We have become accustomed to getting … Continue reading

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It’s May! It’s May! – The Renaissance of May

“What do the simple folk do to help them escape when they’re blue?” Lady Guinevere asked King Arthur. All they could come with was that simple folk sit around and wonder what royal folk do. To avoid becoming blue, I … Continue reading

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How to Have Nothing to Do

What are you doing this weekend? Probably no one will even read my blog this week because everyone will be out having fun and doing interesting things. Everyone wants something to do on the weekend. Around here, they go to … Continue reading

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Fun at the Faire

Every year I say “not again” and every year I find myself there again. It isn’t that I can’t resist the advertisements, or that I actually want to go, or even that my arm is being twisted or I’m suffering … Continue reading

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