The Cell Phone Cover Craze

I don’t know why a cell phone needs a case. The manufacturer has probably spent a zillion dollars designing a phone with beauty and functionality. Yet, the first thing most people want to do is cover it up with a case.

Some people want a transparent cover to protect the screen, but the hardest plastic available is used for cell phones. The screen doesn’t need a cover. Others rationalize that a cover will protect the phone from bumps. Possibly, but most covers are too thin to provide much protection. A few people claim it will keep out dust. Face it; unless you live in Cairo, your cell phone is probably not going to get that dusty.

My reason? I want a case because the phone seems too slick. I can’t hold on to it, at least that is what I tell myself.

Checking out the selection of cell phone cases online, I find there are thousands of different choices. First, I must decide between hard and soft, but the alternatives really become diverse after that. Cases come in every color of the rainbow, and some that are not in the rainbow, like aluminum. Why would anyone want an aluminum cover when the phone is already metal?

Some cases make fashion statements and are covered with flashy crystal bling. Sometimes tassels or bows are added. How about a phone case of leopard fur, crocodile, zebra, or lace? Cases may be adorned with flowers, butterflies or polka dots. There are cases of rubber and leather, some with slots for credit cards on the back, or wallets attached, or clips so you can fasten it to your belt for a fast draw if it rings.

There are flip cases that resemble the flip phones of previous cell phone generations. Guess some people just can’t let go of the flip even when they buy a smart phone. There are stand up cases that hold the phone if you are too busy or lazy to hold it yourself.

Apparently, a good many people are getting phones for children. Cases are often toys – pandas, dogs, ducks, Hello Kitty, Mickey or Minnie Mouse, or even Justin Bieber. Cases also can look like baseballs, footballs, or basketballs. How can a kid hold on to a phone that looks like a baseball without being tempted to throw it?

One especially interesting case flashes seven different colors when in use. Another is luminous and glows so you can find it in the dark. In contrast, a different phone sports a camouflage cover. If you have trouble keeping up with your cell phone anyhow, I wouldn’t recommend camouflage.

There are waterproof cases in the event you want to take a call while swimming or kayaking. I don’t think I’m quite that addicted to talking on the phone. One cell cover had a sidebar of brass knuckles, handy if your constant phone use annoys others, I suppose. Another expensive cover is touted as high- impact, indestructible armor in case you want to take it to war or are worried about terrorists. You might not make it, but your phone will survive.

Some covers are disguised to look like something else. They resemble a tape cassette, camera or a transistor radio. I don’t get it. Why not let it look like a cell phone that can do all of those things, and more?

A few cases look as if they have already had some rough treatment, even before being purchased. For example, the phone case with tire tread on the back or the one covered with dog paw prints. I can only imagine what events inspired them. Maybe these people should consider one of the indestructible models.

Personally, I like the cases that are simply silicone gel. Even those come in your choice of colors, or buy the entire six-pack if you can’t make up your mind. After seeing all these choices, I am ordering a soft gel case that is crystal clear. How boring can it get?

This is practically the same as letting my cell phone go naked.

Copyright 2013 Sheila Moss

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7 Responses to The Cell Phone Cover Craze

  1. Curiosity says:

    I was wondering the same thing. It’s like the cell phone industry has made some sort of tie-up with the case making industry so that they could make more money out of it. In the process I think a lot of manufacturers are happy to make the cell phones out of cheaper materials because people are gonna put a case on it anyway, so why make the effort? We did this to ourselves!


    • Sheila Moss says:

      Seems like I remember iPhones all being the same color and you got a case in the color you wanted. But I might be wrong. If so, it didn’t last. I just got an iPhone 14 in purple. It is so UGLY I can hardly wait to cover it in a case.


  2. Twindaddy says:

    My reasons are the same as yours. If I don’t have a case my phone just slides through my fingers when I try to type.

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  3. Oh, I’ve long wondered about this question, why do the phones need cases? It seems like a marketing ploy by the phone companies or the complementary companies. In the early days of phones for my kids, I questioned the need, but chickened out because the way my kids threw the phones around, I thought best to not tempt fate. I’m pretty simple in my tastes. I’ve rarely gotten anything too extravagant. I still think about going without, but now it’s me who can’t hold onto his own phone. I seem to drop it all the time. Without the case, it would probably happen even more. Typical of my experience with smartphones . . . you can’t win for trying. Ha, ha.

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    • Sheila Moss says:

      I think I rememer one year when the phones were all the same color, but you picked the color of case you wanted. I could be wrong, though, as my memory is not what it used to be. Upgrades are always a different size or something so your old case never fits and you have to get a new one. I found that I come out cheaper getting it somewhere other than ATT and have more choices too. I forget that it is in my pocket and when I sit down, it falls out.

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  4. I like the gel cases too but I’m way more adventurous than you. It has to be hot pink or purple which in gel, isn’t near as interesting as it sounds. Party on!


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