Murphy’s Laws for Little League

Murphy’s original law is an old adage, ‘”If anything can go wrong, it will.”

Here are some of the truisms of little league baseball that can be observed in action at almost every game and attested to by anyone who’s ever been involved in baseball for kids as a player or spectator. These things seem to happen too often to be mere coincidence; therefore, we feel absolutely certain that Murphy was at bat and playing for both teams.

If your batter has three balls and no strikes, the next pitch will be a strike.

If your batter hits a high fly ball hit and the bases are loaded, it will be caught.

If your batter hits a high fly ball and the bases are empty, it will drop.

If there is a runner on third, your batter will strike out.

If your catcher drops the ball, the winning run will steal home.

If the batter hits the ball directly to your first baseman, he will drop it.

If the other team’s ball is popped up in the infield, no one will catch it.

If your team has the bases loaded, all the remaining batters will strike out.

If the opposing team hits a home run, it will be with the bases loaded.

If your pitcher walks the batter, it will be when the bases are loaded.

If a ball is hit to left field, it will get by both your shortstop and the left fielder.

If the ball is hit to right field, the second baseman will chase it instead of covering the base.

If the ball is hit to the third baseman, he will forget to step on the bag before throwing to first.

If the second baseman forgets to step on the bag, there will be a runner coming from first.

If your very best pitcher is pitching, he will walk four batters in a row.

If you really need a run, your team will have three up and three down — every time.

If your team gets a spectacular hit to outfield, it will be caught.

If their team hits a fly ball, it will drop between players and two runs will score.

If your infield plays on a runner stealing third, the third baseman will miss the ball.

If their batter pops up three foul balls, your catcher will miss them all.

If your pitcher plays on a runner who is off base at first, he will steal second.

If your pitcher doesn’t play on the runner at first, he will steal second anyhow.

If your outfielder misses the ball, three runs will score while he chases it.

While the play is being attempted on a steal at second, their runner will steal third.

If the play is at third, your third baseman will tag the base instead of the runner.

If your team is ahead, the opposing team will get a home run and clear the bases.

If the other team is ahead by one, you cannot score a run no matter how hard you try.

If your player hits a foul ball, it is always on the first or second strike, not the third strike.

If the hit should be an easy out, your first baseman will drop the throw.

If the batter bunts with a runner on third, your catcher will forget to cover home.

If a runner is stretching a single into a double, your fielder will throw a wild ball.

If your team hits a line drive, it will be snagged by the opposing pitcher.

It the other team hits a line drive, the ball will hit your pitcher.

If your best hitter is batting, they will strike him out.

If their team hits a pop up, your team will never catch it.

If your player is safe at first, he will get thrown out stealing second.

If your player is safe at second, he will get thrown out stealing third.

If your player tries to steal home, he will collide with the current batter.

If the opposing team steals home, your catcher will fumble the ball.

If Murphy played little league baseball, he would strike out too.

Copyright 2008 Sheila Moss

About Sheila Moss

My stories are about daily life and the funny things that happen to all of us. My columns have been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and websites.
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  1. If you lose it does not mean your team stinks. It’s just that the other team is more better.

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