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Murphy’s Laws for Little League

Murphy’s original law is an old adage, ‘”If anything can go wrong, it will.” Here are some of the truisms of little league baseball that can be observed in action at almost every game and attested to by anyone who’s … Continue reading

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Murphy’s Laws of Moving

Funny, but from the times I’ve moved and the many times I’ve had to help my kids move, I have begun to notice a pattern in the events that seem to come into play as soon as the decision is … Continue reading

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Murphy’s Laws for Mothers

Mothers only offer advice on two occasions, when you want it and when you don’t. A mother’s love is a better cure than chicken soup, but chicken soup is cheaper. Your mother is the only person that knows more about … Continue reading

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Murphy’s Laws for Kids

The original Murphy’s Law is a rule that says: “If something can go wrong, it will.” There are many variations. Here are a few that especially apply to kids. The more you hate spinach, the more likely it is you will have it … Continue reading

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