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The Orange Juice Caper

Some things are so small, so trivial that they are not worth getting upset about. But some people do not realize that. Some people get upset at the smallest hint of provocation. “We are out of orange juice again.” says … Continue reading

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E. R.

Have you been to the emergency room of a large metro hospital lately? I hope not! Those places are a zoo. I had occasion to visit the walk-in area of one the other day, fortunately not as a patient. The … Continue reading

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Between Lines

I really love standing in line! Isn’t it great to spend all the time that you could be spending doing something important simply standing and looking at the back of someone else’s head? Although there are lines everywhere and many … Continue reading

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The Savings Place

I usually try to go early on Saturday morning before everyone else gets there. The trouble is, everyone else has the same idea. I probably would be better off to wait until about midnight, but I want to get it … Continue reading

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