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Remembering Mother

My Mother grew up on a tobacco farm in Tennessee in a family of 13 children. They grew food, made lye soap in a wash pot, and had feather beds and homemade quilts. My sister and I loved her tales … Continue reading

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Tell Me a Story

In East Tennessee the performance side of storytelling can be observed at The National Storytelling Festival. Usually, when I tell anyone that I am going to a storytelling festival, they say, “What is that?” We have become accustomed to getting … Continue reading

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Here Come the Mules

“So, what’s the big deal about mules,” asked my grandson, as he skated in circles balancing himself on the heels of his wheeled tennis shoes, a new skill he was  beginning to master. We were trying to get ready to … Continue reading

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The Art of Storytelling

It’s hard to believe that a sleepy little town like Jonesborough could come alive the way it does once a year. But come alive it does with so many people that you can’t imagine where they all come from or … Continue reading

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Another Year, Another Reunion

  It was the weekend for our big family reunion in Tennessee. My mother’s family and my aunts and uncles from around the country meet in a town so small that the population is probably doubled by our presence. I … Continue reading

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I always say that I’m from Nashville, home of the Titans, country music, Al Gore, and big hair. There’s a lot to write about when you’re from Nashville. However, I’m actually from a small satellite community called Smyrna, where column … Continue reading

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Following Directions

Unlike a man, I know how to ask for directions. Also, unlike a man, I follow the directions even if they get me lost. I needed to go to Fall Creek Falls, a Tennessee State Park. I’d never been there before … Continue reading

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Mule Day

You won’t believe what I did for a story. In fact, I don’t believe what I did for a story. I went to Mule Day. It was like dying and waking up in good ol’ boy heaven. There were mules, … Continue reading

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The Storyteller – Part 1

Mother is a storyteller, a spinner of tales.  Her stories are mostly about rural Tennessee and her life growing up on a farm with a large family of eleven children.  In rural Tennessee back in the 20’s the modern world … Continue reading

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Jack Daniels

It was on a Tuesday that we decided to visit Jack Daniels Distillery. Jack Daniels, in case you have never heard of him, was a whiskey maker back in the day. He learned his skill when he left home while … Continue reading

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