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Without a Leg to Stand On

Hospitals, I hate ’em. I was an unwilling victim who held off as long as possible. But, my knees were giving out fast. My doctor had advised me years ago that I needed a knee replacement surgery. But as long … Continue reading

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Rx Operation

Have you ever suspected your body has betrayed you and had nagging little questions start running through your head? Have you every wonder if you might be really sick? Have you ever considered the possibility that you might need surgery … Continue reading

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The Waiting Room

A few years ago, I was forced by circumstance to spend a great deal of time in the trauma waiting room of a large hospital. While this is obviously a place of great drama, it also became a source of … Continue reading

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The Camera Phone Photo

Some people will have a hard time believing this but I am old enough to be a grandma. In fact, I just became a grandma again with the birth of my granddaughter. Now a new grandchild is a pretty exciting … Continue reading

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