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How to Spoil a Grandchild and Alienate a Daughter-In-Law in One Easy Lesson

Dear Daughter-in-Law, I am very upset about your latest email, and I really don’t understand your negative attitude.  I have made every effort to be helpful and offer suggestions about my grandchild that I think will be useful.  I’m very … Continue reading

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It’s a New Grandchild

Recently some good friends had an addition to their family, a grandchild.  Of course, everyone thinks that their own grandchild is the most special, the cutest, and the most wonderful grandchild that has every been born, and they are no … Continue reading

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The Camera Phone Photo

Some people will have a hard time believing this but I am old enough to be a grandma. In fact, I just became a grandma again with the birth of my granddaughter. Now a new grandchild is a pretty exciting … Continue reading

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Granny Makes Pudding

Okay, grandkids, today we are going to make an old-fashioned banana pudding, grandma’s way, not that new fangled stuff they make with instant pudding and phony whipped cream. Phooey! Ours will be made from scratch – real pudding made on … Continue reading

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Time Out

Oh, joy! My grandson has gone home. So, why do I feel as if he is still here? I hear a noise and think it is the door, and that he is running in and out of the house again. … Continue reading

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