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Pill Popper

Today I’m going to venture into the world of medicine. Only young people take one round of medicine and are cured. When you become older, it doesn’t work that way any more. The other day my doctor actually told me … Continue reading

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Hand Painted

It must be my age. After I finish one project, I can’t seem to remember how much trouble it was. I look only at the results and next thing I know, I’m planning another. I’ve had my eye on our … Continue reading

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The Doctor Will See You Now

I went to the doctor yesterday. Somehow doctor’s offices just don’t seem to be what they used to be. They have become so automated that I felt like I should be on a conveyor belt — or maybe on one … Continue reading

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Say, Can You See?

Is anyone else half blind without glasses, or is it just me? I’m telling you, I just can’t see a thing any more. I’ve been using contact lenses – but I finally decided I am tired of fooling with poking … Continue reading

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