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The Decorator’s Dream Home

Although most people wouldn’t know it, I have been blessed with a number of talents. One of these is interior decorating and painting. Unfortunately, I don’t get to practice this very often. It has been several years since any painting … Continue reading

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Hand Painted

It must be my age. After I finish one project, I can’t seem to remember how much trouble it was. I look only at the results and next thing I know, I’m planning another. I’ve had my eye on our … Continue reading

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Painting the Town Green

In the continuing saga of home ownership, it becomes obvious from time to time that certain menial tasks are necessary for maintenance and often such tasks are not worth the time and expense of hiring a professional. Such was the … Continue reading

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Painting with a Twist

“It will be fun,” I said. “How do you know?” asked my sister. “See, it says right here on the Internet ad, It’s FUN art, not FINE art!” I was trying to convince her to go to one of those … Continue reading

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The Yellow Door

Although few people are aware of this, I could have been a painter if I had not accidentally become a humor writer instead. Recently, I acquired a new front door for my house. “I can paint a door,” I thought. … Continue reading

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Home Improvement

Spring is here! It’s time to renew and revive. There’s no time like spring for a few home improvements! Actually, it all started last winter while we were gone to my grandson’s birthday party and we had that hailstorm. When … Continue reading

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