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Little Boy Lost

When I the grandkids found out that I had been to Disney World — without them — well, what could I do except try to make it up to them? So that’s how the weekend at Dollywood — with grandchildren … Continue reading

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Are You Ready for Vacation?

Summer is here! There is still time to plan a vacation and get away from work stress. But how do you know when it’s time for a break? Here’s a simple quiz to help you decide. Do you have a … Continue reading

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London Series

Riding the wave of the current interest in London due to the shooting incident, I’m posting links to a series of columns I wrote several years ago when I was fortunate enough to visit. The London Series This is a … Continue reading

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Deep Sea Fishing 101

The first and most important part of deep-sea fishing is that you must be at the sea. If you live within driving distance, that is not a problem. We inlanders must limit our deep-sea experiences to vacations. While most ladies … Continue reading

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The Adventurer

I used to think that I would like to be an adventurer. I would go to South America and travel the muddy Amazon in a dugout canoe, outrunning any crocodiles that might show their ugly heads. I would camp out in … Continue reading

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The Aquarium

Being a long weekend, it seemed a shame to waste it, so we decided to visit the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. I was not really sure that fish would be interesting, but – what the heck – nothing else around here to … Continue reading

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Vacation at Home

It is not always necessary to go some place else to have a vacation. A vacation at home can provide a chance to relax and unwind, give you an opportunity to catch up on things you need to do, and … Continue reading

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Of Dogs and Beaches

Dear Owners, Thank you for taking me on your vacation to the beach. I hope you noticed how well I behaved as I might want to go again some time. Might I suggest more rest stops along the way? I had … Continue reading

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