Monday Morning Blues

officeSometimes it makes me wonder why we try to run an office.  Perhaps we should close down due to lack of interest and called it a day.

People seem to have no work ethics any more. Used to be that people took pride in their work and were dedicated and loyal to their employer. No more. Guess that went out with the “me” generation. Or maybe it went out when companies quit being loyal to their employees.

Now people seem to be useful only as long as their energy and talent can be exploited for profit. Get a long-term illness that requires an extended absence from work or a serious personal problem and find out quickly how much you really mean to your employer.

Companies seem to spend most of their time figuring out ways to avoid costly, but necessary, benefits, such as health insurance and to legally avoid paying any retirement benefits.

People have become alienated from work. There is a word to describe the few that do care: “workaholic.” Job and career are often viewed as a means to an end, namely, money. Loyalty is now to the self and to self-advancement, not to the success of the company. If success requires changing jobs or employers, so be it. “Work as little as possible and do only what is absolutely required of you” seems to be the rule of the game.

Every Monday morning, it’s the same old excuses: “I have a sore throat,” “I have a doctor’s appointment,” “My (child) (husband) (wife) (mother) (dog) is sick.” No wonder employees are seen as lazy and lacking in incentive. Perhaps it is a title that is deserved.

I’m starting to feel a little sick myself.  If I ever get a different job, it will be one where people have pride, loyalty, ethics, give a day’s work for a day’s pay; where companies care about employees, give decent benefits, pay fair wages and reward good work with promotions.

Wonder where I could find such a job?

©1999 Sheila Moss

Do you know any workers like this who work and not working? Or have you ever worked for an employer who exploited you? Maybe it is just me…

About Sheila Moss

My stories are about daily life and the funny things that happen to all of us. My columns have been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and websites.
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