The Makeover

haircolorOne of a lady’s most important attributes, in spite of what people might say, is her hair. That’s right, and I proved it again this week.

As some of you may remember, I had a birthday a few weeks ago, conveniently followed by Mother’s Day. Apparently, I’ve become impossible to buy for, which means all the thoughtful people in my life gave me department store gift cards.

Last weekend, I decided to have a “me” weekend. What that means is I spent most of the weekend on self-improvement.

Besides, all those gift cards were burning a hold in my proverbial pocket, and I was just itching to shop. They were mostly from the high-class department stores, places where I can’t afford to shop normally.

I couldn’t believe how expensive clothes are! I managed to find several nice outfits, but my preliminary vision of six outfits quickly shrank to a more realistic three, even though I went straight to the sale racks.

After trying on half the ladies wear department, I actually found several things that I could get into and that didn’t make me look too fat. I felt very glamorous with my new duds.

If this wasn’t enough, I received a call that my new glasses had finally arrived. I’ve been wearing an old pair, slightly lopsided, while waiting for them. I went down to the vision center and picked up my eyewear. They are the fashionable new ones with no rims. I was really getting classy now.

Since it was a “me” weekend, I had also intended to do my hair and cover the dark roots that were trying to show. At Wal-Mart, I found a bottle of hair color for $2.98 and decided to try it instead of the high priced stuff I usually get since being brainwashed by commercials. I selected a slightly darker shade than usual, thinking maybe the roots would blend in and touch ups would not need to be so often.

I used the new color and it was perfectly fine, in fact I think I like it better that the old shade. I was also getting tired of my curly look, my hair was getting longer and wouldn’t do right, and I didn’t have time to make an appointment to get it cut. So, I decide to dig out the old king-sized hot rollers and go for a straighter look.

I finished off with a manicure and pedicure for summer when toenails are peeking out of sandals. Yes, I was definitely looking chic, I thought. I could hardly wait for Monday morning to show off my new self.

When I walked in the office, I was greeting with, “Your hair is different!” Well, obviously that was true, but what about my new dress? See, it came from the swanky department store at the mall.

Everywhere I went it was the same, a stare and then a sudden moment of recognizing with the words I was soon braced to hear, “Your hair is different!” All agreed that it looked really nice, which meant must have been worse before than I thought.

“Your hair is different! Is that a wig?” Of all the nerve!

My dress, notice my dress. Isn’t it pretty? No one did. My glasses, notice my glasses. I went broke at the vision center paying for them! Only one person noticed and that was only after she commented on my hair several times.

All week long it’s been the very same thing, “Your hair is different,” “You hair is darker,” “Your hair looks nice,” “I like your hair.” While I’m happy that everyone is complimenting my $2.98 makeover, It sure would be great if one – just one person – would notice my fashionable new dresses.

And so, as I said to start with, a ladies’ most important attribute is her hair. No one notices anything else at all.

©2004 Sheila Moss

NOTE: Do you like it when people make comments about your appearance, or would you rather they just keep opinions to themselves?

About Sheila Moss

My stories are about daily life and the funny things that happen to all of us. My columns have been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and websites.
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5 Responses to The Makeover

  1. A hair change is major and much more up front than a dress. I’ve noticed that since I’ve gotten older no one bothers to look at my body anymore yet I still try to dress fashionably. I would love your new glasses. I currently have rimmed ones but much prefer my rimless but slightly older prescription. To start with they are so much lighter on my nose.

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    • Sheila Moss says:

      That must be it. Since I’m older, I tend not to dress as fashionable and trendy. I love the BoHo look, but with my body, I just look stupid. I hate glasses. Period. If I must have rims, I like gold ones with the little springs on the hinges. They seem to need less adjustment and don’t break as often.

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  2. energywriter says:

    Great story, Sheila. I can feel your frustration. It’s happened to me.
    Comments: I like positive comments. Or a discrete heads-up if I have a major faux-pas going.

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  3. UByDesign says:

    People tend to notice the hair and the shoes, an old truth. No matter how perfect your clothes are, the “border”parts of your persona will stick out…

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