Pushing Your Luck


Be sure not to miss it.

Miss what?

The party — the Friday the 13th party. Leave your four-leaf-clover, rabbit foot, and lucky penny at home and don’t worry about that black cloud that is following you around.

 Who ever heard of having a party for Friday the 13th? After all, why invite bad luck if you don’t have to? But, what could be more fun that celebrating Friday the 13th to show there is no luck, good or bad, associated with the day.

Some people just can’t miss an opportunity to show that they are not superstitious, even though believing that Friday the 13th is unlucky is one of the most common superstitions in the United States.

You are not superstitious, are you?

Good, then you will not mind walking under a ladder to get to the party, or even walking under three ladders if you have to. Some people believe that the number three is unlucky and that bad things come in threes, especially when three unlucky events happen close together.

It will be a great party, even though the black cat may run across the path of every person there. Thank goodness, like you, they are not superstitious as a black cat crossing your path is a sure sign of bad luck to come.

Guests will bring umbrellas and open them inside. Umbrellas are really for outside and not needed where it isn’t raining. Furthermore, opening an umbrella inside is a insult to the Egyptian sun god.

Salt will be spilled liberally as everyone knows that spilled salt will bring bad luck. There are ways to break the spell, but that would be superstitious, and you are not superstitious, are you?

Guests are invited to put their shoes on the table. Do I need to say why? I guess we will all die at some point but hopefully that will be too far in the distant future to result from shoes on the table.

If you are here, you will noticed that all the mirrors are covered. That is because they are cracked and might steal your soul if you look into them. Breaking a mirror is one of the worse possible curses and brings seven years of bad luck to those unlucky enough to believe in superstition.

There will be thirteen guests. Twelve is an even number and creates order while thirteen is unlucky and brings discord, but only if you are superstitious, of course.

It might be difficult for people to avoid stepping on the cracks which are pretty much everywhere. Hopefully, no backs will be broken in the process. If you are not superstitious, I’m sure you know why. Maybe you could call your mother and check, just in case.

The windows will be open in case a bird might want to fly in and bring some bad luck with it. Don’t let it land on your bed or you may not make it until the party ends before impending doom overtakes you.

If your lottery ticket doesn’t win, it is nothing new and you can’t blame it on bad luck, just on chance not working out for you this time. Winning the lottery is always merely chance and luck has nothing to do with it, unless you are superstitious.

When you leave the party be sure to walk out the door where the horseshoe is turned upside down so any possible luck will spill out, and you will be left with none at all. Don’t break a leg when you do.

If you miss this opportunity to prove you are not superstitious, don’t feel bad. Friday the 13th will come again in January and you will have another chance to dance with the devil if you dare.

How unlucky can you get?

©2013 Sheila Moss

Are you superstitious? I’ve actually heard of parties to celebrate Friday the 13th. Would you go to such a party, or is that pushing your luck a bit too far?


About Sheila Moss

My stories are about daily life and the funny things that happen to all of us. My columns have been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and websites.
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  1. Ahdad says:

    Talk about tempting Karma…

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