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The Tomato Festival

“I’m tired of doing nothing,” I said. “We never do anything anymore except sleep, do chores, do errands, watch TV and go back to sleep. We need to do some fun things. We are in a rut.” “I’m ready what … Continue reading

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Git ‘er Done

Git ‘er done Larry the Cable Guy advises. I need to clean my closet in the worse way. Perfect, I think as I look out the window. It is pouring rain outside. Spring is here and my closet is stuffed … Continue reading

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Clothes Gone Crazy

The floor of my closet is littered with shoes. Not the shoes I wear, those are on the shoe rack, but other shoes. I’m embarrassed to say how many, but let’s just say a lot. Why do I have so … Continue reading

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Christmas Spirit

I was overcome with Christmas Spirit last weekend; and wouldn’t you just know that it would happen in a toy store? I went in to find a small toy of some kind for my granddaughter. I was think of buying … Continue reading

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Hello Santa

Dear Santa, I’m just writing to say hello. In case you are wondering, I’ve been good, but I don’t want anything at all this year. I have everything that I want. This should be a pretty easy year for you … Continue reading

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The Redneck Kosher Hotdog

The other day I was down in the “Boro” and decided to stop in at the Home Improvement Warehouse on the parkway to check for a light fixture. The light fixture in the bathroom has been blinking and winking for … Continue reading

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Dishwasher Disaster

Well, it finally happened. My poor old dishwasher died in a poof of smoke. The last couple loads had an unusual smell. I optimistically attributed it to something plastic touching the heating coil. Funny, I never could find anything. I … Continue reading

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The Yuletide Stalker

Help! I’m being stalked! Yes, lurking outside my bedroom door this morning was a stalker, just waiting for me to innocently leave my boudoir and head toward the kitchen, still rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and contemplating the … Continue reading

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Merry Perfect Christmas

December 1 Christmas is coming! I’m excited! I can hardly wait to get started with the decorating! I wonder if we will have a White Christmas this year? Wouldn’t that be great? December 7 Put up the Christmas tree. Get … Continue reading

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Black Friday – In More Ways than One

Is it over yet? Is it safe to go out? I’m talking about Black Friday, of course, what did you think? On Thursday we are thankful for our blessings. On Friday we are thankful for bargains. I’m sure you saw … Continue reading

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