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Spring Forward – Fall Back

The time is changing again. I have an extra hour of daylight in the evening starting this week. But that creates a problem – what to do with my extra hour?  Just about the time I get adjusted to standard time, it springs … Continue reading

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The Clockorcism

My alarm clock hates me! It has an evil plan to do me in. Like most people, I do not like waking up in the morning. But if I must be awakened, let it be by music. So, I bought … Continue reading

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Bird Clock Revisited

I previously wrote a column called “Singing Bird Clock.” It has remained a perpetual favorite with readers. Probably all of you already know what a singing bird clock is, but just in case, I’ll explain it one more time. First, … Continue reading

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Daylight Saving Time

How do you know when it’s Daylight Saving Time, USA? You’re so sleepy that you can’t wake up and you jump out of bed thinking you have overslept! You stagger to the bathroom and fall over the dog that is … Continue reading

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The Singing Bird Clock

The other day I was strolling along in the local discount mart when what should I spy but a “Singing Bird Clock.” Wow, for under $20 this was a deal, a genuine, plastic, Singing Bird Clock, approved by the Audubon Society, as seen … Continue reading

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